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DOA Policy (Dead on Arrival)

Simplified Yearlong Shipping:  Shipping speed is very important regardless of how well an item is packaged or if a heat pack/ice pack are used.  USPS may be cheaper for some services, so please compare cost, time, and choose what is best for you.  UPS Ground cost is based on your zone, and UPS 2nd Day Air/UPS Next Day Air Saver is up to 35% off retail price based on your zone.  The heaviest item in your shipment controls the price, which already combines shipping.  Certain fish, plecos, etc may dictate the type of shipping required for any live arrival guarantees.

While I only ship out healthy fish and plants, shipping is stressful, and even the best fish and plants can die during transit.  Please choose a shipping speed that fits your budget and is appropriate for the item you are ordering.

DOA policy assumes shipments will be ON TIME.  

Fish, Shrimp, Plecos, Snails

Any shipping 1 day in transit receives a full refund on fish and shipping, or a reshipment at my cost.

2 days in transit receives a 100% refund on fish only.

3+ days no coverage.

Caveat: Ramshorn snails are covered up to 4 days.



Must pick guaranteed delivery in 3 days or less to make any DOA claim.

1-2 Days Shipping: 100% refund on plants and shipping.

3 Days, no refund for shipping


Photos must be taken within 3 hours of shipment arrival in an unopened bag and sent to If you want fish/plants reshipped or added to a future order in place of a refund, please email me to arrange this.


Next Day Air/Next Day Air Saver UPS: Ships Mon-Thurs. Can also ship Fri with Sat delivery fee paid. (Must email first)

2nd Day Air: Ships Mon-Weds and Thurs with Sat delivery fee paid.

UPS Ground: 1-5 days: Ships Mon-Weds.

USPS Priority: 1-4+ days: Mon-Weds and Sat.  Other selected days may be used if the item is projected to have a normal delivery date not on a Sunday.  Ex: Items taking 3 days will not be shipped Thursday.  

I do not ship under 25 or above 90 degrees.  Items will be held until temperature criteria are met for both of our locations.


Please see the About Page for multiple pair purchases and find Sales/Promotions for discounts and how to order.

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