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Krill Flake

Krill Flake


Krill Flake is processed under low temperatures to retain heat sensitive nutrients, making it a highly sought after flake for the home aquarium.  Carotene rich ingredients, including krill and spirulina, help to bring out vibrant colors in aquatic life.

Formulated to promote rapid growth and overall health.  Low temperature processing maintains nutrients that are otherwise lost due to higher heat.  Water stable.

Excellent choice for both hobbyists and commercial breeders.  High nutrition and a varied diet promote growth and overall health.  Recommended for fry growth and for colorful ornamental species.

Ingredients: Hydrolized fish protein, krill plankton, soy, torula and brewer’s yeast, wheat gluten and flour, egg, casein, krill meal, copepod powder, spirulina, Paracoccus, lecithin, refined marine fish oil, beta-carotene, stabilized vitamin C, vitamin and mineral premix, beneficial bacteria.

Contains no artificial coloring or chemical preservatives

Analysis: Crude Protein 45% min; Crude Fat 12% min; Ash 6% max; Moisture 6% max; Astaxanthin 200 ppm, Vitamin C 1,750 ppm

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