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Java Moss Golf Ball Portion

Java Moss Golf Ball Portion

Java Moss

This is an easy to grow moss that can be attached to a mat, rock, or driftwood.  It can also be free floating and it makes a wonderful hiding spot for female guppies and fry.  With just a little light, this plant grows and can double, triple, or even quadruple in size when left undisturbed for a month or more.  Higher lighting and fertilizers may speed up the growth of this plant, but it is unnecessary.  This plant comes from a low-medium light tank or a tub with 8-12 hours of LED light, GLA fertilizers, and liquid iron.  There may be minor brown moss that comes, but this is normal and the moss will turn green again with time.  

  • You are buying 1 golf ball sized portion that will weigh at least 0.75 ounces dry to ensure proper amount.
  • Photos are actual plants in the picture, but will be random to plants from the tank.
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