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1 Super Red Bristlenose Pleco

1 Super Red Bristlenose Pleco

These plecos were bred in the fish room from high quality breeder parents.  The plecos are at least 1" in length similar to the ones in the picture.  A particular sex of pleco is not guaranteed.  Males will eventually develop bristles on their snout and overall they will reach 3"-4" in length.  


These plecos like eating NLS algae max wafers, Repashy, green beans, cucumbers, water melon, and zucchini.  All their tanks have some sort of driftwood or cholla wood.


  • You will receive 1 un-sexed juvenile pleco.
  • Plecos in the picture are examples of ones I am selling.
    $13.99 Regular Price
    $9.09Sale Price
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