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Mixed Wild Endlers 12-Pack A Team

Mixed Wild Endlers 12-Pack A Team

These are fish similar to the ones seen in the pictures.  These guppies are anywhere from 1 month to 4+ months old.  They were bred in outdoor ponds and are living in a 75g breeding tank currently. They have been eating Repashy community food and devour it.  It has helped them grow much faster as I can feed more cubes of gelled Repashy and it does not hurt the water chemistry.  These fish are kept in a well medium-high light tank with GLA fertilizers, plants, and flourish iron.  Fish are hardy from withstanding lows in the upper 50s and highs in the 90s over the summer. 


  • You are buying a pack of 12 guppies from 1-4+ months old.  They are mixed sex and you will get a little bit of everything.
  • Photos are actual guppies I have in my new 75g breeding tank, and you will receive 12 of them.
  • Policies on DOA and Shipping
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    $4.29Sale Price
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