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5 Mutt Guppies (2M/3F)

5 Mutt Guppies (2M/3F)

These are adult mutt guppies.  They are aroung 4 months of age and coloring is fully developed.  They are offspring from the pure strain fish that are not  matching the parents in fin size, shape, or color.  As these fish breed, you may have fish with multiple strains mixed creating rainbow colored fish.  This makes these fish extremely healthy with the many different genes mixed together.     You will get 2 males and 3 females.     They love to eat frozen bloodworms, frozen brine shrimp, live baby brine shrimp, Repashy, and Omega One flakes.


If you want extra males or females, please select the other mutt guppy lilstings "Mutt Guppy Extra Male(s)" or "Mutt Guppy Extra Female(s)"

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