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10+2 Red Rili Shrimp A++

10+2 Red Rili Shrimp A++

These shrimp were bred from high quality USA shrimp.  The shrimp are anywhere from 1/2 inch and up.  They eat NLS algaemax wafers, Repashy, green beans, zucchini, cucumber, squash, algae, and watermelon.  They like to have a planted tank if possible, and really love java/Christmas moss.  The shrimp being sent will not be sexed, but generally in a pack of 10 there are both males and females.

Shrimp will come with a plant to hold onto during shipment.

My water parameters are as follows: KH= 3-4, GH= 8-9, pH= 7.4-7.6, TDS of tap water is 145ppm, TDS of tank water is 225-250ppm.

    $35.50 Regular Price
    $21.30Sale Price
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