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10+2 Multi-Colored Skittle Shrimp

10+2 Multi-Colored Skittle Shrimp

These shrimp are culls or simply slightly lower grade shrimp that need to be taken out of the main breeding tanks.  They are still very colorful and will produce some unique color combinations upon having shrimplets.   The shrimp are anywhere from 1/3 inch and up.  They eat NLS algaemax wafers, Repashy, green beans, zucchini, cucumber, squash, algae, and watermelon.  They like to have a planted tank if possible, and really love java/Christmas moss.  The shrimp being sent will not be sexed, but generally in a pack of 10 there are both males and females.

Shrimp will come with a plant to hold onto during shipment.

My water parameters are as follows: KH= 3-4, GH= 7-8, pH= 7.4-7.6, TDS of tap water is 145ppm, TDS of tank water is 185-225ppm.

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