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First Fantastic Fishy Blog Post 6/29/2021

I will be creating a blog on here to document the journey of having a fish room and things I have learned along the way. I will not always be able to make a YouTube video so this blog will fill in the gaps as well as give people a place to read vs. listening to me talk.

The first thing I want to start the blog off with is what I think everyone that wants to own any fish should do is research, research, and more research. Make choices that give you and your aquatic pets the best chance at success. I will admit that I have not always followed this and it is not a good idea. An example is when you go to the pet store and you're getting some fish for one tank and then you see other fish you just cannot do without. Normally, this would be okay, but you do not have a tank to put these fish in yet. So then you get home and you're not sure where to put them. Another bummer is buying from the first place you see and then realize you could have gotten the same item or fish much cheaper somewhere else. Keeping fish is not cheap, especially if you have a larger tank or multiple tanks. A third reason is not knowing how to keep a certain fish, but you figure you'll just learn on the fly. This is never a good idea. When you research, you find out that many people were in the same or a similar situation as you and they too are saying the same thing I am, research. Lastly, MTS (Multi Tank Syndrome) is real and you will never have enough. One way to help fulfill MTS as best you can is to plan ahead so you have the ability to fit in those future tanks or when to get them so you are not paying full price. When building a fish room and you have to order things to get in the mail, not researching/planning what you'll need will burn you big time in shipping costs. You do not want to order something 4 times, when you could have had it shipped to you once. What a doofus I was at times. I will close with this. You will still make mistakes even when you have the best laid out plans from all your research and your fish may die even if everything is done right. Learn from these situations to grow and become better. No one is perfect as I know I'm sure not!

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