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Quarantine Process

Pwilly's Fish Emporium focuses on USA bred plants, fish, snails, and shrimp.  We have bred and tank - raised every fish and invert on our site.  Plants, fish, snails, and shrimp all go through a minimum two week quarantine process.  No deaths and no illness must be observed for at least 2 weeks in order for any plants or animals to appear on the website for purchase.  If quarantine takes 30+ days to ensure quality, then 30+ days it is. This ensures that every product you purchase is healthy and will not bring anything unwanted to your aquarium. 

Our trio of quarantine medications used for fish are Furan-2, General Cure, and Ich-X.  Medicated quad fish flakes with Levamisole, Praziquantel, Epsom salt, and garlic  are also fed to help rid the gut of any potential worms or parasites.  Shrimp and snails are sensitive to many medications so they are watched extensively over the 2 week period for any signs or symptoms of illness.  Plants are dipped in hydrogen peroxide (30 seconds) and rinsed before going into a quarantine tank where they are observed for 2 weeks.  Medications are only used if signs of illness are present.

Shipping Practices

We treat all of our live product with care from the moment they enter Pwilly's Fish Emporium until after they leave.  All plants are shipped in protected bubble padded envelopes for a safe and low cost shipping option or in priority mail boxes for that added protection and less time in transit.  All fish, shrimp, and snails are shipped in boxes with insulation and a heat/cold pack as needed.  We offer USPS 1st Class, Priority, and Priority Express mail as well as UPS Ground, 3-Day Select, 2nd Day Air, and Next Day Air/Next Day Air Saver (When available).  Pick the shipping that works best for you and the item you're ordering.

Sales and Promotions

We run specials often, including sales on all new products as they become available.  For bulk pricing, send an email to  Repeat customers and those who purchase store memberships get additional benefits with coupon codes and other perks. See membership page for more information perks through Patreon.

Wholesale Partnerships

We are happy to report that we are partnering with Repashy to provide their quality foods at unbeatable prices.  The products we offer are those used in our breeding operations.  However, should there be a specific product you cannot do without, please see below about pre-ordering it.

Fish Teams


At Pwilly's Fish Emporium, all fish are placed on a team.  There are two teams: B Team and A Team.  B team fish are really nice, good looking fish.  These fish have great coloring and fins, but are not quite perfect fish.  They are 100% healthy and will still make your aquarium pop!.  A team fish are the best of the best.  These fish, both males and females, have top notch fins and coloring throughout the entire fish.  They are the show stoppers people brag about.  While we strive to get in and breed the show stopper fish, they are not always possible to have.  We want to be transparent so when you make a purchase, you know exactly what you're buying.  Some online sellers use stock photos and do the bait and switch method to get sales.  They use stock photos of perfect fish "Bait" and then send less than perfect fish "Switch." Our pictures will always be of fish from the tank you're buying from .  Plus, B team fish will cost less than A team fish saving you money.  If you are unsure about why a fish is A team or B team, just send an email to and we'll gladly explain.


If an item we carry is out of stock you can be put on a wait list to be the first in line when it becomes available again.  If an announcement is made that new product or aquatic life are going to be available, you can pre-order it ahead of time.  Pre-ordering gets you a 10% discount on the order, but it must be paid in full before I make the item live to everyone.  Once the item or aquatic life is live, pre-orders are no longer accepted.  If you want me to try and get in a particular strain of fish I will do my best.  Please know that a pre-order is required once I have obtained the cost of the fish.  Please email to be put on a wait list or place a pre-order.

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